JOURNEY is the span of life or else we can also say that Journey is the span across the life. Journey means the “START” we all of us consider and accept but, I’ll say that the “END” should also be consider as Journey.

Because every Start has its end. The completion once span is called journey after completion of one journey the new journey will starts . As I mentioned above ‘every start has it’s end like wise every end has the new start’.

For e.g: The Journey from Black to Colour – After the nuclear bomb denoted in the land of japan in 1945, millions of people had been died and that place had been the Black Place of Japan, but now they made that place as a Colourful tourist place “The Okinawa Peace Memorial Park” in Nagasaki Japan. In that Park there is a memorable equipment’s (things used during 1945) as well as the Tomb of the people who had been died during the bomb blast and by making the park so colourfully and attractive. After the end of the peace of Japan (Nagasaki) the Japanese took a challenge by moderating from Black Place to the Most colourful Place.

Why I am talking about this topic because according to the Human psychology 90% of the people think that END is last means after the end of life span everything has been ended. No it’s wrong after the end of once life it is the start of another life means every movement of life is a journey and making the journey as colorful is with in our hand.

Then every journey of life will be BEAUTIFUL…

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